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True learning is synonymous with behavior change
and long-term performance improvement.

Teaching and training are two sides of the same coin. But, as a trainer, you have not taught anything until there is a noticeable behavioral change.

Unfortunately, many trainers have never fully understood this concept themselves, therefore are not able to provide training that is truly learning and action oriented.

Saralyn Collins offers a variety of different training activities that focus on actual learning and behavioral change.  To assess progress and the impact of your training, it is important to measure the learner’s performance, both during and after training.  The closer the trainer can get to creating conditions a learner is expected to deal with throughout work, the better will be the measure of actual behavior change.

As a practitioner of Accelerated Learning concepts, Saralyn Collins comprises a wide variety of techniques that seeks to speed and enhance human learning and job performance. Accelerated Learning is the most advanced teaching/learning technology in use today. It’s a proven method to make learning more effective while saving both time and money.


•    Enhanced employee productivityGraphic depicting the concept of business motivation
•    Improved workplace environment
•    Greater team productivity
•    Lower employee turnover
•    Accelerated management development
•    Increased, effective communication
•    Increased customer satisfaction
•    Building long-term customer base
•    Increased company profitability

Saralyn  Collins  is committed to providing SOLUTIONS
that bridge the gap between what you KNOW and what you DO!

Examples of some past training topics:

•    Excellence in Customer Service –When “Good” Isn’t Enough!
•    Management Development and Training
•    Improving Workplace Performance
•    Leading Employees for Empowered Teams
•    Complete Steps to Successful Selling
•    Communication – Problems and Solutions

Fantastic Trainer
Saralyn Collins is a fantastic trainer. She kept my attention the entire day and I came really tired. But I had no problem staying alert with her in the front of the room because she got us all involved and kept us learning the entire time. ~ Kelly Bolton

Saralyn, you are the most energetic trainer I’ve ever seen! Your enthusiasm is so contagious and I plan to use these ideas throughout my personal as well as business life.

I really enjoyed this training. You got my “wheels” turning. You will definitely be hearing from me.

~ Lynn Gilchrist

Saralyn, I’ve had 25 years of different training classes and this was absolutely one of the best! You wouldn’t let me get tired. I stayed with you the entire day and learned so much. I won’t be the only one to profit from this training. My entire team will see the difference. ~ David Vance, McDonald’s
Having participated in the initial Management Orientation session, I had the opportunity to experience the Behavior Styles Overview personally. I have to admit, not only did I walk away with some valuable insights and strategies, but I also had fun participating with my executive team. We look forward to future seminars and training sessions. I would recommend you to any business looking to improve customer service and their training & development programs. You really deliver what you promise!

~ William R. Jones, GM