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I began my public speaking career in my early, high school days when I participated in and won many state-wide speaking contests. This continued over the years as I spoke to a variety of groups, including many church and national organizations. It does not matter to me – 20 or 20,000 – I have spoken to them all and loved every minute of it!

As a certified executive trainer, I have grown weary of so many Saralyn Collins addressing an audience from the podium“trainers” who come into a business and provide what I call “one shot training” – who offer “fluff” and “rah-rah” and then walk out leaving the audience with nothing concrete to show for it.

It’s one thing to speak to entertain and motivate – and I’m really good at that! – but it’s an entirely different skill to entertain, motivate and teach, and THAT is my passion!

True learning is synonymous with behavior change And long-term performance improvement. Of course, any training session should be highly energetic, filled with valuable content, interactive, and most importantly, attendees walking out knowing exactly what steps they need to accomplish and a plan of ACTION that shows them HOW!

As a practitioner of Accelerated Learning and a Certified

Executive Trainer for well over 40 years [I began this as a very young child :-) ], I have made sure that each time I spoke or trained, I brought an unusually high level of energy and enthusiasm filled with solid, valuable content, spoken with humor and passion, and left my audience not only believing they could implement this knowledge, but also knowing exactly what they needed to DO about it.

My training programs consistently earn the highest scores among participants. Attendees often refer to my ability to keep them totally involved and highly motivated both during and after training.

Speaking and training are two sides of the same coin. But, as a trainer, you have not taught anything until there is a noticeable behavioral change.

Unfortunately, many trainers have never fully understood this concept themselves, therefore are not able to provide training that is truly learning and action oriented. I offer a variety of different training activities that focus on actual learning and behavioral change. To assess progress and the impact of your training, it is important to measure learner’s performance, both during and after training is over. The closer the trainer can get to creating conditions a learner is expected to deal with throughout work; the better will be the measure of actual performance change.

That is also why I know, without question, that for a training to make a long-term difference, it must be accompanied by a form of coaching that teaches participants how to integrate this new knowledge and form new habits over a period of time.

One-time training only presents the information and encourages participants to use it. It’s the work after the training that imprints it and teaches new ways of thinking and acting.

Examples of a few past topics:Saralyn Collins conducting a training session

  • Turn Your Passion into Profit!
  • Who are YOU – What do you do – and Why should I Care?
  • Networking – a Powerful Strategy with Powerful Results!
  • What it Takes to Become a Business Magnet
  • “Knock Your Socks Off” Customer Service
  • Come on People – Can’t we all get along?
  • Turn Dream Work into Team Work!
  • Get Up Off Your “But” and Get to Work
  • Become a Sales Superstar!
  • Neutralize Objections and Win Your Prospects Over

Comments from some of my training over the years …

Saralyn, I’ve had 25 years of different training classes and this was absolutely one of the best! You wouldn’t let me get tired. I stayed with you the entire day and learned so much. I won’t be the only one to profit from this training. My entire team will see the difference.  – David Vance, McDonalds’ Store Mgr.

Saralyn, yesterday my management team had the opportunity to participate in your Coaching Employees for Outstanding Service seminar. Just wanted you to know that this one is a winner. For me to watch a group of managers who normally can’t sit still, actively participate and be engrossed for an extended period of time tells the story. All felt they came away with excellent ideas of both the concepts and the methods to put them into operation. The ongoing coaching methods were invaluable and we can’t wait to put them into operation. Thank you!!!Judi Haywood

Saralyn Collins is a fantastic trainer. She kept my attention the entire day and I came really tired. But I had no problem staying alert with her in the front of the room because she got us all involved and kept us learning the entire time. – Kelly Bolton

Saralyn, This letter is in reference to the training you did for our Executives at our Annual Executive Retreat. The presentation was not only motivational, to the point, specifically related and educational, it was presented in such a manner that inspired even our most stubborn minded executive. Many times, thank you. We needed that!  – Jane Peterson, HR Director, Grosvenor Hotel

Saralyn, you are the most energetic trainer I’ve ever seen! Your enthusiasm is so contagious and I plan to use these ideas throughout my personal as well as business life. Thanks for the “kick” to really get myself going. - Johnny Appleton

Having participated in the initial Management Orientation session, I had the opportunity to experience the Behavior Styles Overview personally. I have to admit, not only did I walk away with some valuable insights and strategies, but I also had fun participating with my executive team. We look forward to future seminars and training sessions. I would recommend you to any business looking to improve customer service and their training & development programs. You really deliver what you promise!  – William R. Jones, GM

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