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Business Consulting  

There’s a “myth” out there in the business world I find very disturbing!  It is this myth that if you are somehow passionate enough about your work, if you love it enough, then the profit and success will follow automatically.

The business world today is NOT part of the movie, Field of Dreams, and its “If you build it …” theory that rarely works in reality.

You can’t “wish” or “hope” your business or organization to success.

Business success is NOT random! It doesn’t just happen.

There are powerful strategies and processes you can follow that will bring you much closer to the level of profitability and success you desire. For more than 20 years, I have helped guide individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations through the maze of ideas and tactics that bombard us daily.

Knowing WHAT to do is vital, but . . . knowing HOW to do it is imperative. It’s those words that continue to pop up – no matter what the focus: ‘Efficient’ and ‘Effective!’

If you are a small business or individual struggling to grow, I can show you how to [h4]“Become a Business Magnet”[/h4] so that you will attract:

Business magnet benefits printed on a tabletop sign    The very people who need and want what you offer
•    Are willing and able to pay for those products/services
•    Value the results you learn to produce for them
•    They become your raving fans and constantly tell others who want and need…
•    So your growth cycle continues to repeat itself …

Consulting (working with the individual or within the business) may take the form of:

•    Analyzing your current marketing tactics for effectiveness
•    Designing a more effective plan of action
•    Implementing low- and no-cost marketing strategies
•    Helping you figure out who you are and what you do, then how to tell others
•    Determining your desired “outcomes” to support the time, energy and money you spend in various activities
•    Discovering your target market and your ideal customer
•    Attracting that specific target market
•    Create a more effective work schedule and daily routine
•    Eliminating the “hamster syndrome” in your work life
•    Analyzing employee turnover and/or productivity
•    Management growth and development
•    Sales strategies and action plans
•    Incentive, reward and recognition plans for employees

An objective analysis is often difficult when you are absorbed in the day-to-day running of a business.Businessman-figure-running-in-hamster-wheel

Many sales professionals, solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners have challenges finding enough time to do everything it takes to keep their business running and growing while also providing the services they offer.  Not to mention, time to put new processes in place for streamlining their marketing, sales, and service delivery.  Many fight the “hamster syndrome” every day – working so extremely hard and yet producing fewer results than they want or deserve!

It is not uncommon in non-profits and service organizations that offer extreme value to the community, to find a board chair, board members (all volunteers) or ED and other paid staff stressed out with the responsibility, struggling to balance board (volunteer) expectations with reality of every day work for a paid staff, concerned that committees are not realizing their fullest potential for effectiveness, and not able to find, train and retain the number and quality of volunteers needed to keep the organization functioning smoothly and efficiently.

Struggles in any of these and numerous areas simply means the vision and purpose of this organization is being diluted in value to the community.

If you are a not-for-profit or service organization that has a great mission and works with a volunteer board and a paid staff, your need for efficiency and effective management is huge.

Some of the areas where we might focus are:

•    Attracting, training and coordinating volunteers
•    Balancing job descriptions for paid staff with real life and board expectations
•    Guiding committees to greater efficiency and effectiveness
•    Board retreats that actually accomplish more than “talk”
•    Building stronger relationships with board chair and members among paid staff
•    Guiding staff to become more effective in their work results
•    Gaining and retaining members, strategic partners, clients, and/or volunteers
•    Designing and implementing strategic plans for growth
•    Conducting meetings and events that are strategic, offer great benefit and become profitable when needed
•    Producing board retreats that produce actual long term results
•    Building greater  member/customer benefits
•    Building greater public awareness of mission and vision

When you’re frustrated by not knowing what to do, not having the time to spend on marketing and business development activities, and not having the right skills or resources to do what it takes, it’s easy to feel discouraged and disappointed.

Our consulting focus is to assist your business or organization  in accurately identifying areas of concern and implementing strategies to help you become more efficient and effective, grow your market share and to become more profitable.