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Small Business Startups

Starting a business is so exciting – your passion and enthusiasm are at an all time high!

But when reality sets in, we are all forced to admit – the challenges are great. For most, it doesn’t take long to realize, as important as passion and love for your work are – it simply will take more than that to experience real success.Graphic depicting need for strategy with everyone pointing you in a different direction

To turn your PASSION into PROFIT, takes strategy! The RIGHT kind of strategy – all based on “Outcome-Based Thinking”*.  Saralyn has hard-
earned, practical experience in teaching you how get off on the right foot
and design a business model that will not only work, but produce needed profits, as well!

You can build a solid foundation from the very beginning.

Working with Saralyn, you will discover valuable answers to the following questions.

•    Is there a real market with paying customers for your/my specialty?
•    What specific “solutions” will you bring to your prospects?
•    How do you design your product/service so people will want to buy?
•    Who is your exact “target” and how do you find your “ideal” customer?
•    How do you price your products/service for maximum profit?
•    How do you attract the people who want and can afford to pay for your service?
•    How do you design an overall marketing plan of action?
•    How do you design your work around your life so you can be effective in both?
•    How do you weather the tough times?
•    How do you build a growth strategy?
•    What is “Outcome-Based Thinking”* and how can it revolutionize my life and business?



Are you ready to take the steps that will turn you into a “business magnet” so that you will attract:
•    The very people who need AND want what you offer …
•    Are willing AND able to pay for your solutions …
•    So love the value you produce for them …
•    They become your raving fans and constantly tell others …
•    Who want AND need what you offer …

Once you know and use these strategies, your business growth cycle will start and continue to grow as your own customers become part of your marketing plan … turning your PASSION into PROFIT!

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