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Non-Profits & Service Organizations

Non-profits and other service organizations need to be run using smart, business growth strategies. Having a service needed greatly by the community and constituents does not exempt the organization from the need for efficiency and effectiveness in operations. Yet, somehow, people involved often forget that or, in some cases, may not know exactly how to apply smart business development strategies to their particular organization.

Non-profit … Chamber … service organization … growing business  -  good strategy is good strategy!

It is not uncommon for an organization that operates with a volunteer board and committees and paid staff, to need some guidance in navigating through confusing issues. Using clearly designed consulting strategies based on “Outcome-Based Thinking,”* we guide your organization toward greater efficiency and effectiveness from the board, committees, volunteers and staff, thereby increasing your value to your constituents and the community.

Non-profits/organizations may struggle with any or all of the following:

•    Gap too wide between value of mission and actual results?
•    Disconnect between board and staff job expectations?
•    Culture clash between volunteers and paid staff?
•    Need greater accountability from volunteers?
•    Need more efficiency and effectiveness from staff?
•    Committees often unproductive and disorganized?
•    Ineffective board retreats that rarely produce actual results?
•    Strategic plan left in a file drawer?
•    Difficulty in carrying out the mission and vision of the organization?
•    Recruiting, training and retaining volunteers ineffective?
•    Organization often run by “whim” of current chair or by long term strategic plan?
•    Other topics as needed


As a non-profit or service organization, you have a valuable mission and purpose. By adopting a major strategy called “Outcome-Based Thinking”* throughout your entire system, the organization will run efficiently and effectively, enhancing the work between  volunteers, board of directors, committees, and paid staff. The bottom line – your organization brings great value to both the “customers” you are to serve and the community as a whole!

You don’t have to be in “crisis” mode to want to improve. Remember your purpose – your mission – and if you are simply not reaching as many as possible in as effective a manner as needed, then talk to Saralyn. After working with clients like Chambers of Commerce, Habitat for Humanity and other service organizations, she knows how to help evaluate and then help enhance your value to your community and to your constituents.


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