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Expanding Your Business

OK, you’ve been in business for a while, but maybe not experiencing the level of growth and profitability you desire.

•    Maybe you are a “solopreneur,” but you know your business could be much more profitable and effective. You are convinced that what you offer is valuable and there are many people out there who could benefit greatly – if they just knew who you were and what you could do for them. Maybe you find yourself more and more frustrated and exhausted as the days go by … knowing it should be better than this, but no longer sure you know what to do and how to make it work!

•    Regardless of the size of your business, if you have employees, this brings its own special challenges. After all, as the owner, you don’t question your own passion and belief in what you offer, but who knows about the employees and how they really feel? Are they working to maximum capacity? Do you see forward movement and growth among your managers?  Are sales quotas being met and maybe even exceeded occasionally? Are your customer satisfaction ratings where they should be?

Employees or not, here’s an even more critical question:Businessman-figure-running-in-hamster-wheel

Are YOU working to your maximum capacity or
…..suffering from the “hamster syndrome?”
(Working extremely hard, but getting nowhere fast?)

All these questions and many more can be addressed and strategies designed specifically for you and your unique needs. “Solopreneur” or business executive, your business can become more efficient, effective AND profitable!

Some areas where we could work on together:

•    Conduct an honest assessment to determine the areas of concern and how to eliminate or defuse them. (Sometimes, the issues are not what you may initially think.)
•    Use “Outcome-Based Thinking”* to design and implement a specific Plan of ACTION that will produce the results you want.
•    Eliminate individual marketing “tactics” and create a total marketing “strategy” you can immediately implement.
•    Defuse the “hamster syndrome” for you and your employees.
•    Focus on employee turnover and discover reasons and solutions
•    Improve management productivity and growth
•    Improve customer satisfaction ratings
•    Learn how to establish and reach sales goals
•    Design a strategic plan that actually works and produces results
•    Build a stronger profit margin


As a business owner or executive, there is no reason to flounder and struggle with growth when there are strategies proven to work. Using consulting, coaching and/or training, we will work together to find solutions!
Are you ready to take the steps that will turn you into a “business magnet” so that you will attract:
•    The very people who need AND want what you offer…
•    Are willing AND able to pay for your solutions….
•    So love the value you produce for them…..
•    They become your raving fans and constantly tell others who…..
•    Who want AND need what you offer…..

Once you know and use these strategies (and more), your business growth cycle will start and continue to grow as your own customers become part of your marketing plan…turning your PASSION into PROFIT!

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