About Saralyn


“If you are passionate enough about your work, then you will be successful!”

“Do what you LOVE and the money will follow!”

“IF you truly LOVE what you do, then you will never WORK a day in your life!”

Saralyn Collins in a red jacket, leaning on a rail - Photography by Donna Jernigan Don’t know about you, but I once bought into all these statements. When I started my first business almost 30 years ago, I naively thought this was all I needed. See, by nature I am a very passionate, energetic, hard-working person and I certainly LOVE my work. So, I thought, “Surely if I work hard enough at what I love, then success will automatically follow!”

Even though I did experience success on many levels, it was only a short time before I realized that it takes MORE than passion, more than love for your work!

During these years, I learned both through directed study and actual experience that passion and determination, love for your work, high energy – these are all important. These are the very things that will get you through the tough times – and those times come to all of us!

But passion does NOT automatically generate profit!

Nor does love for your work automatically mean success!

Having an important mission and purpose does not automatically mean  everything works smoothly and profitably!

If this were the case, then there wouldn’t be so many passionate but exhausted, smart but struggling business people and organizations all around us.

Alphabet Soup!

Colorful letters in a soup bowlSo I have all  these letters after my name now -  CPC, CPMC, CET, FCPC  – But what do they all mean?

Along with years of “hands-on, down in the trenches” work in building successful businesses, I am also certified as a Professional Consultant, Professional Marketing Consultant, Certified Executive Trainer and Franklin Covey Personal Coach.

OK – but what does this all mean to YOU??

Simply, it means that I have a great combination of training and learning from experts as well as many years of leaning the hard way – by actually doing it myself!

Because of this valuable training, I know how to take those tough lessons I learned and translate them into a format and strategy that will benefit my clients.

It is one thing to do something yourself – it is an entirely different skill set to translate that knowledge so that others can benefit from it as well!

I am very proud of my education and all the training I have received, but as an educator, I know that alone, it is not enough!  For education and training to matter, it must be put into action!

Here’s how I have done that over the years, always as an independent consultant/coach/trainer:

  • Instrumental in founding and developing two, multi-million dollar, direct sales companies as a Four Diamond Director, National Recruiter and Certified Executive National Trainer. While designing and facilitating training ,and conducting national recruiting for the companies, I maintained personal sales quotas. At the same time, I trained and supervised a personal sales team of over 750 driven individuals. I also served for two years as Field Vice President for the oldest and largest direct sales jewelry company in the world.
  • For seven years, traveled throughout the United States speaking and training with the International Guild of Professional Consultants. In this capacity, I conducted numerous seminars and workshops with one of the highest closure rates in the organization.
  • As Consultant-in-Residence and Director of Certification, sold, helped design, facilitated and taught in numerous certification programs, as well as acted as mentor and consultant to hundreds of members as they went through the programs.
  • Became a Managing Director with eWomenNetwork, which was the largest professional organization for women in business in North America at that time. Quickly built one of the largest local chapters in North America with almost 350 members and soon transitioned to the consulting position as International Director of Training and Development. During this time, I hired, designed and facilitated all training for hundreds of directors across the organization, teaching them how to develop strong and successful businesses.

Consulting with Non-ProfitsPhoto of Saralyn Collins in pink sweater against a gradient background, speaking

I found a new love a few years back when I began consulting with non-profits and large organizations that have volunteer boards and supporters and a paid staff. I work with multiple chambers of commerce, as well as organizations like Habitat for Humanity in areas such as:

  • Balancing job descriptions, board expectations and the reality of everyday work for Executive Directors and staff.
  • Recruiting, training and supporting volunteers
  • Guiding committees toward greater productivity
  • Designing and following critical, strategic plans
  • Productive board retreats
  • Evaluating meetings and other activities for specific results

I have discovered I am a consultant at heart

My greatest pleasure is sharing knowledge and designing action plans that actually work, using a strategy called “Outcome-Based Thinking”*. My clients have ranged from individuals just dreaming about starting a business, to small business owners who have reached a stalling point in growth.

I have worked with large corporate clients in designing and delivering training and management growth strategies and am one of the few outside trainers ever brought in by a large McDonald’s group to facilitate customer service training to over 240 franchise stores.

Clients have also included city agencies, educational institutions, chambers of commerce and huge non-profit agencies.

I love sharing knowledge and strategies for growth using the skills I have developed in coaching, speaking, and training. While you glance over some of the statements from satisfied clients, think about where you are in your life at this point … or, where your business or organization is stalled and not moving at the speed you need…you’ll probably find a comment below that shows you how I can be of service to you, as well.

I would be honored to talk with you and we can determine if my knowledge, experience and skill could be of service in any way.